#LevelUp 0x06

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The 411

What is LevelUp?
LevelUp is Bugcrowd’s free infosec conference for researchers and the hacker community. It’s conducted live entirely online via Youtube, Twitch, and Discord.
When is LevelUp 0x06?
May 9 2020, 10:00 to 17:00 PDT (UTC -7)
How do I join?
Watch via Twitch.tv, YouTube or Facebook
Join the Bugcrowd Discord to connect with the speakers, Bugcrowd team, and other attendees.

LevelUp 0x06 schedule

Time Speaker What
10:00 @codingo sudo bash levelup.sh -start
10:10 Thomas Dullien
Why I <3 Offense (and Why I </3 Offense)
11:10 Josh Schwartz
Business Tradecraft for Hackers in the Corporate Industrial Complex
12:15 Katie Paxton-Fear
Sticking With It: How To Choose a Target & Stay Motivated
13:15 Chloé Messdaghi
Hackers Don’t Wear Black Hoodies, They Wear Capes
13:50 Rhys Ellsmore
Recognition-Primed Bug Bounty Hunting
14:50 Ricki Burke
Hacking Your Resumé
15:30 Jay Turla
Automotive Security Bugs Explained for Bug Hunters v2.0
16:10 Louis Nyffenegger
Code that gets you pwn(s|’d)
17:00 Runtime EOF

Speaker lineup